Samstag, 26. Januar 2008

Asian Hottie Teasing

"You don't think about being on the receiving end of such attention?"
"Of course I do, and you're evading me again!” Asian girl teased. "But most of my fantasies deal with giving pleasure, or at least they start out that way. Just the thought of someone fantasizing about me will get my motor running—if it's someone I find desirable, that is."
"Well, I've been fantasizing about you since meeting you on the plane," Charlie confessed, returning his attention to her breasts.
"Mmm," was Hottie's only reply as she moved her hips in slow circles, painting Charlie's erection with her juices. She lifted herself slightly from Charlie's lap, and he took her cue. As he held himself for optimal entry, she slowly lowered herself onto his waiting cock.
"I wanted to take you—right then and there—and fuck you hard until you screamed my name."
"Oh, damn," Stormy moaned, pumping in response to Charlie's thrusts. "Well, you can make up for not following through on that thought by fucking me now."
"Do you always talk dirty?"

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